How to Get a Free Copy of IBM SPSS


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If you're stuck without a copy of SPSS, you can download a free copy from this webpage: 

You'll be asked to specify your operating system, as well as a few other steps. You'll then be able to download a full version of SPSS that will remain functional for 14 days. 

Personally, I would stay away from other websites that claim to allow you to download IBM SPSS. They either have an old version, an unstable version, or an illegal version. With the illegal versions floating around the internet, I'd fear that what you will be downloading is not just the SPSS program, but, instead, additional files that may do some nasty things to your computer (ask yourself, why are these websites allowing you to download a program free of charge? Out of the kindness of their heart?). You can watch me talk about getting the free copy of SPSS in the youtube video above.