SPSS – Descriptive Statistics

Median, Median, Mode

● Standard Deviation, Variance, Range
Skewness Kurtosis
Histogram and Frequency Table Testing Distributions for Normality
Different Methods of Calculating Averages Coefficient of Variation
Create z-Scores Create T-Scores
Difference Between Percentages (Unpaired) Difference Between Percentages (Paired)
Cronbach's Alpha
How to detect outliers
Percentile Scores
Scatter Plot with Regression Line

SPSS – Mean Differences
One-Sample z-test One-Sample t-test
Independent Samples t-test Paired Samples t-test
One-Way ANOVA (Between-Groups) #2 One-way ANOVA (Repeated Measures)
Mixed-Design ('Split-Plot') ANOVA Levene's Test
Dealing with Unequal Variances/Samples Two-Way ANOVA (Between-Groups)
Linear Contrast Analysis Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)
Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) ANOVA on Ratio Variables
ANOVA of Residuals vs ANCOVA   Two-way Repeated Measures ANOVA
Welch’s t-test
Brown Forsythe & Welchs' F-test

One-Way ANOVA (Between-Subjects) #2
SPSS – Correlation/Regression
Pearson Correlation Spearman Correlation
Kendall's Tau Confidence Intervals for Correlations
Partial Correlation Semi-Partial Correlation
2 by 2 Contingency Table Analysis (Chi-Square) 2 by 1 Contingency Table Analysis (Chi-Square)
McNemar Test Cohen's Kappa
Streamlined Correlation Matrix Point-Biserial Correlation
Linear Bi-Variate Regression Multiple Regression (Brief)
Multiple Regression (In Depth) Hierarchical Multiple Regression
Interactions in Multiple Regression Nonlinear (Curvilinear) Regression
Logistic Regression Logistic Regression - Predicted Probabilities
Testing Heteroscedasticity Statistically Heteroscedasticity Adjusted Standard Errors
Create Manuscript Ready Correlation Matrix Test the difference between two beta coefficients
Average Correlation

SPSS – Factor Analysis
Principal Components Analysis (PCA) Factor Analysis
Parallel Analysis

SPSS – Non-Parametrics
Mann-Whitney U Test Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test
Kruskal-Wallis Oneway Jonckheere Trend Test
Median Test
Cochran's Q

Chi-square - Post-Hocs
Cochran's Instead of McNemar
SPSS - Miscellaneous
How to Download Free Copy of SPSS Basic Introduction to SPSS
Introduction to Syntax Select Cases
Median Test Split File
Create ID Variable (GUI & Syntax) Value Labels
Transpose Data Fit Output Table to One Page
Capital Asset Pricing Model Analysis Little's MCAR Test
Missing Values: Expectation-Maximization
Change Output Font Size in SPSS